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    I believe you will be satisfied with my editing. It is encouraging that so many clients appreciate the improvements I can bring to manuscripts upon which they've worked so long and hard.  I don't claim to be able to make a best selling book out of your work, but I can make it a better, more readable, and publisher-ready manuscript than it is at present.

    People have offered some positive testimonials about my editorial work. I value each client alike, and I do my very best work for each. Though editors can be a very picky bunch, I make the editing suggestions and corrections that I feel best and make sure you, the author, is the one who approves and appreciates the results. I wish you the very best in your reading and writing ventures.

You Receive my Best in Editing and Writing


Testimonials for Steve's Editing

        "Steve is an editor who is really good...  When I first hired him, I had no idea he was going to be more than I expected him to be. He is fast--just make sure he understands your story before he starts editing. Whatever you ask of him, he delivers. And he is patient, understanding, and really easy to work with! If you're looking for someone who'll give you everything you'd want in an editor and more, Steve is your guy!"

-Melody Manful

       "Steve, I am well pleased with what you did and can't thank you enough. I am so appreciative of the foreword, which is excellent. I am going to make sure you get credit for the work you did on this book.

-Ralph Mangum

        "Steve, thank you for your meticulous editing of my book. Thank you for your guidance in this effort."

-Dr. Lee Smith, Northcentral University

       "Steve, I believe you are my editor through Outskirts Press. I am currently reviewing your editing; I am loving what you have done! I've read about you and feel blessed to have you on board!"

-Kim Hutson

       "Look no further for an editor. From the very first e-mail until the last (and there were many!!) he covered, researched, answered every question I had. His calming and professional manner eased my fear and anxiety many times. He took his time and transformed my manuscript into a masterpiece. He has a great sense of humor but at the same time can be a very serious person. I would highly recommend his expertise as an editor to anyone who is seeking one."

-Wyndy Buckner


      "Hi Steve, just wanted to pass along how pleased this author was with your work. He was very happy with your work!  Thanks.

-Jenn R., Outskirts Press

    "Thank you so much. Boy, did you really look it over!  I really appreciate all the help and advice you've given me."

-Lois Loofbourrow

         "The editing is beautiful. Yes, I accept the editing. In fact, I love it."

-Annie Laws

  "I can highly recommend using Steve's editing services. His helpful suggestions and small changes can make a big difference. Also, his prices are reasonable.  Even beyond the editing is his encouragement when writer weariness sets in.

-Greg Windsor,


      "Dr. Steve Fortosis has treated me and my manuscripts with patience and civility in a highly professional manner which exceeded my expectations. Without any reservations, I highly recommend him to anyone requiring editorial or writing assistance."       

  -Reverend Kwame Ankoma-Amoa

    "Steve Fortosis is the best in the business. He edited, rewrote, and labored over my book as if it were his own. I met this man through the internet and I wasn't sure because there are so many 'editors' listed on websites. But if you want honest help and sincere appraisal, I highly recommend Dr. Steve Fortosis. Don't worry any him if you need help with your book."                           

  -Fran E. Grubb

       "After I finished my first manuscript, I sent it out to publishers. They responded that I needed further editing and development. English is my second language so I had some problems with grammar and other things. I started my search and ran across Steve. He helped me greatly to improve the structure of the book and challenged my creativity. The process was a great learning experience and I'm proud that my book could be co-authored with a professional writer. I like how my manuscript looks and I am more confident of its success. I would recommend Steve's editing and writing services to anyone who needs help."                                   

  -Svetlana Retana

"Writing my first book was a bit daunting in itself, but Steve made that disappear with his positive and creative editing skills. You can trust him as a professional with a straightforward approach. It was a pleasure to work with him."

-Wendie Willis

       "Thank you for your excellent editing and gracious comments regarding my mss. Thanks again."

-Dr. Terry W. Smith

"I just finished reading over the text once, and I want to applaud the editor for making my writing look like it was produced from a native speaker.

-Svetoslav Elenkov


Praise for Steve's Books

     "This is a book every student of the Bible will not only find helpful but will thoroughly enjoy. Short, informative chapters, beautifully written..."        

 --Ruth Bell Graham

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