My Availability


         I am usually readily available and will get back to you quite promptly. Occasionally, I go out of town, so don't give up if you don't receive an immediate reply.  I also try to have a quick turn-around rate on my projects. If I'm so busy that it will take a number of weeks or months to edit your manuscript, I will tell you this upfront and may be able to place you in contact with an editor who could possibly take your job.  Thanks.

How to Contact Me


My email address is:



My mailing address is:

Steve Fortosis

 5140 Northridge Rd. Apt. 306

Sarasota, Florida 34238

If you can't reach me by email, you can phone me, but, otherwise, don't waste your money on phone calls. It is often  helpful for me to keep a record of things you've told me, and that's easier done by email.

941 779-6043

How to Pay for Editing

How should you pay me for editing services? The most common way I've received payment for many years is through the mail by money order or personal check. However, you will note the Paypal banner on this page. You can easily pay me through Paypal using the email address: You can also click the banner and join Paypal in a matter of minutes if you wish. 




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